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Dag: 3 Research Oostvoornsemeer

donderdag 26 juni 2014 - 10:29

Day 3: Research Oostvoornsemeer

My name is Agustin Ortiz, I am currently a student at the University of Southern Denmark in the Maters of Maritime Archaeology program. I have just completed my first year of studies and I am now participating in this field school for the next three weeks. I am from sunny Southern California and have been living in Denmark for the last year. I joined this project to gain more experience as an underwater archaeologist and further develop my sense of diving practice and theory.

The day started off cloudy and cold but warmed up by the end of the day. There was a light breeze that kept it cool.

It is my third day on site and so far it has been fun, but busy as well. Since I am not diving the first week my main task have been to document the crew at work, familiarize myself with the dive equipment and procedures, and go through previous site data. Today was a little different from the previous two days in the work that I am responsible for and will be for a while.

The plan for today was to continue taking measurements and drawing of the wreck. Next, airlift near the vessel to keep it clear for the drawings to continue. Before the diving started, a small ramp was made to assist in the lifting of structures. Two structures where lifted with a lift bag today to be drawn on the platform. The first structure was a large knee. With the help of Morrison and Selina three sides of the knee where drawn. This piece was a little under three meters in length and twenty centimeters  thick on most sides. The other piece will be drawn tomorrow. At the end of the day both pieces were wet and wrapped in plastic. Once the structures are drawn they will be put back on the wreck, unless they are candidates for dendro dating in which  case they will be put back once the sample has been taken.

The day ended at around 16:30 and the crew was back on land by 17:00 for debriefing and dinner.

Agustin Ortiz